Lets Be Productive

10 Productivity Hacks to Improve Your Life

Do you feel like you are putting in all this time and effort with no results to show?


Are you the type that gets the most out of their day? You most likely don’t. Let’s be honest, no one does. Everyone wants to be more productive, but is it easy to do?

I used to try to cross lines through my to-do list as fast as I could. I quickly realised how unproductive I was. You need to train the brain to hit your peak performance.


Your lifestyle is key to increasing your minds healthy and productiveness. To make your brain work at its peak, you need to be healthy. A healthy body is a healthy mind and vice versa.


Healthy Eating

How do you feel eating healthy compared to junk food? I certainly feel a massive difference. You will never function the same way. A healthy diet is key to high performance. You truly are what you eat. My breakfast every day is fruit and a green smoothie, and I feel fantastic.

Keep Hydrated

People forget how important water is in the workplace. Are you frowning at your screen with a headache? Are you yawning more than once or twice in your workday? Or more importantly, are you staying adequately hydrated at work? You may not understand the connection between these questions, but the link between hydration, mood, and workplace performance is an important one. You are a desk athlete. I’m sure you forget to drink water. Your brain needs to be hydrated. Substitute a cup of water for your coffee. Sit a bottle of water at your desk. You are a lot more dehydrated than you think. This is a quick and easy way to improve mental performance.



Easily my favourite part of the day is exercising. I am not myself without physical activity. Could be something as simple as a walk around the block. If you hate the exercise you are doing, it’s time for a change. You need to find something that you love. Exercise will become effortless. For example, I love my runs and boxing and my mum loves yoga. We do exercise for the same reason. To release stress, increases energy and ultimately, have fun. Being a couch potato will not help your productivity.



Once you train your body to be healthy, your brainwill simply follow. You will think more clearly, positively and be happier.

Training your brain is not as easy as training your body. Training your brain takes baby steps and more focus. Find a system that stops distraction so completing important tasks is easy.


Night time planning

Plan your day the night before. Make your tomorrow morning easy. Write a small to-do list with important tasks for the morning. Complete them first, when your mind is most fresh. Remembering tasks from yesterday is a waste of brainpower. You only have so much mental energy in a day before you are affected by decision fatigue. The morning is the best time to complete those important tasks.


Your Morning

Before work, use the morning for yourself. You need to find what makes you most productive. Stop looking at your phone first thing in the morning and ignore your emails and calendar when you start your day. Exercise, have a healthy breakfast and read the newspaper. But avoid reading depressing news articles. It can negatively impact your day’s productivity.


Email Exclusion

Are you an impulsive email checker? That needs to stop. Email is a productivity destroyer. Breaks your train of thought. Emails almost always distract you from important tasks. Having set times for email will improve your productivity.


Break time

Have you ever caught yourself staring into space? Are you in a daze, your brain aching? Throughout the day, you can be your worst enemy. Take a break, get up and go for a walk. Having breaks is not a crime. It can be a highly beneficial productive move. You will come back recharged and ready to go.



A productivity crime that every person is guilty of is multitasking. Simply you cannot be at your productive peak doing two (or more) things at once. Focusing on one task will increase the quality of work. Your best work will not be when you are on the phone completing a task.


To-do List

How big is your to-do list? Is your to-do list scarier than the actual tasks? This means your list is way too long. Cut it in half. The less important tasks don’t need to be on that list. Your to-do list needs to focus on the things that matter.

Fresh Air

Do you struggle in the afternoon? Are you eating at your desk or in your office? Break that habit. Being in the office all day with no fresh air can derail you. You should eat lunch outside of your workspace, or go for a lunchtime walk. This will help declutter and refocus your mind. Your afternoon is bound to become more productive.


Are you stressing about cleaning your house or keeping up at work? Being productive is key to less stress and will change your life. It’s all about baby steps. Being more productive can be one walk around the block away.


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