If you think we live in a connected world, you may not be thinking big enough.

The Internet of Things is the future.

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What am I talking about?


You may have heard of the term Internet of Things (IoT) and what it means. It refers to the connected world we live in. The fact that everything you buy today is smart or connected. Whether it be a smart TV, smart fridge or smart car. Everything has a digital connection. Like a web, they all connect, becoming an Internet of Things.


It might seem futuristic. But large companies are doing this now. And they are pushing it further every year, companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. These brands are either creating systems or devices that can be used to create these networks.


The Internet of Things is the future, and it will likely change every industry it can be used by or with.

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We at Launchpad are here to tell you what is possible with the Internet of Things in 2017!

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Internet of Things at Home


Imagine walking up to your front door. But don’t pull your keys out as it’s already unlocked. Now it doesn’t unlock for everyone, it just unlocks for you. Your door has recognised your phone and unlocked itself as you approach. If that’s not enough security for you? Your doorbell has a built-in camera and unlocks the door for recognised members of the household. The doorbell also provides you with a live feed to your phone. So you can watch who is going in and out.


As you walk into your home it’s at the perfect room temperature for you, which is controlled from your phone. 30 minutes before you got home you turned on the heating or cooling. The blinds open or the lights turn on depending on the time of day.


You’ve brought in your bags of groceries that you knew you needed because you looked through the camera in your fridge. Your kettle is ready to use, as you turned it on from your driveway. You put your dinner in the oven and take your coffee with you to the couch. You watch your dinner cooking through your phone, but you don’t need to change anything. Your oven has built in surface and temperature sensors. So your oven can tell if your food is overcooking, or it knows how to cook what you’ve put in it.


After having dinner on your smart table, which you used to read the news. You go to bed an hour early. This is because your smart bed sent a notification to your phone telling you that you didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Image Source: Monitis

Internet of Things Outside the Home

It’s the weekend and you decide to go for a run with your dog. Your smartwatch sends information to your phone, letting you know how your run is going. Your smart shoe which tracks your movements. Telling you how hard your feet are landing and posture. This gives you an idea of how you’re tracking as a runner.

You stop running as you get a warning that your dog is exhausted, which you found out through the smart dog collar. As you approach your home, your garage door opens for you and you take your dog inside.

Image Source: Waking Times Media

Internet of Things in the Workplace


After your run, you need to go to work. While you’re at work there are many things that could be connected to the internet. Like in your home you set the lights, aircon and appliances how you like. You use the vending machine connected to your phone. The whole time, the company tracks you and your movements through your phone.


Taking you out of this little word for a second. Three Square Market, a company in Wisconsin, United States, has held a chip party. The purpose of the party was to volunteer their employees for microchips. Which they can use the chip to unlock doors, use printers and buy snacks and drinks, at the wave of a hand. They did this partnering with Biohax Sweden. Biohax slogan is “Turning the Internet of Things, into the Internet of Us!” Surprisingly, 41 of their 85 employees actually said yes.

Image Source: CISCO

Internet of Things in Public


Getting our story back on track. On your way out for the night, you stop to buy some petrol. You pay for the petrol using your phones near field communications chip. You then use your phone to find the nearest car park (which is happening in Barcelona). After a few drinks, you decide to catch the bus home. You charge your phone using the bus stop then use the bus WiFi on the way home.

Image Source: Smart Company

Internet of Things and Launchpad


Launchpad is currently making two of our clients part of Internet of Things.


The first application in our Internet of Things is Buddy. Created by Danny Simmonds (above). Buddy will send you a notification to your phone when you walk past a restaurant or bar with a deal happening.


And Anywheel, a company where you can unlock, pay for and use bikes.  Anywheel will be located in Sydney for you to use, all through your mobile phone. No need to hop online, just do it all through the app.

Points to consider


While this all sounds good, this isn’t yet as achievable as I may have made it out to be. Currently, there is no app that will control everything. As every brand has their own app. It’s likely we will never see a universal app, as companies just don’t work together that way. For them, it’s more beneficial for a company to have you download their app, and collect your information.


Another point to consider is, if every appliance in and around your home is connected, what if you get hacked? What’s to stop a hacker controlling everything in your home. Or have someone on your network use these devices to watch what you do, know how you’re interacting with your devices. The Internet of Things could become a major breach of privacy.


Are you excited to see this technology develop?


What would you like to be able to do connected to all your things?


Stay Tuned!

In the coming weeks, we at Launchpad will release blogs about the Internet of Things. We will be detailing the companies that create their own web and what the future could look like.


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