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5 Things you Must do Before Developing an App

  Don’t even consider developing an app until you’ve done these 5 things!   If I had to guess I’d say you’re here because you’re looking at developing an app and potentially a digital business. You’re likely feeling a combination of excitement and nervousness. Possibly don’t know where to start. And that’s alright. The world […]

5 Best Australian Startup Grants

  So you have a great idea for an app startup… But you don’t have the investment dollars upfront. What’s next? Well I have some good news for you, the Australian Government wants to help you! Image Source: businessinsider.com.au Cover Image Source: asc.asn.au A government grant can help you take your business to the next […]

7 Government Grants to Boost your Startup in 2017

With two weeks left of 2016, you might have some new year resolutions for your startup. One of your list priorities most likely would be to enhance your operations. Whether it’s finding investors or creating a mobile app, receiving government grants might be a high priority. With the various grants offered by the Australian Government […]

How Apple Helps Your Business Put Its Best Foot Forward

Over the years, Apple has consistently maintained its position on the front line for all things business. These products have helped businesses with organisation and productivity. They’ve also offering companies a new platform to engage with their audiences using innovative software. In doing this Apple has become an embedded part of modern and mobile business. […]

The 6 Best Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

The old saying “slow and steady wins the race” is exactly that – old! The new version of the saying should be “fast and ready wins the race”. In business, time is money. You can’t create more time in a day but by increasing your productivity on tasks, you can save a lot of time […]

5 Tips to Growth Hacking Your Personal Brand

First coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis in 2010, a growth hacker is “a person whose true north is growth”. In this post, we outline five growth hacking tactics to help boost your personal brand and, in turn, expand the overall marketing strategy for your app startup. A growth hacker differs from a conventional marketer in the sense that all […]

The Top 6 Traits of Game-Changing Entrepreneurs

No two people are identical, just like no great tennis or basketball champions are ever the same. What they do have in common are certain characteristics that set them apart from the rest. It’s these certain skills and traits that allow them to surpass the average sportsperson and become the best. It may be amazing […]