5 Venture Capitalist Firms In Australia

When gaining funds for a project or a start-up a lot of potential investment options are raised. Venture capital (VC) stands as the most important method of fund-raising for any company. Venture capital is defined as a type of funding that comes from venture capital firms who specialise in high risk start ups. They take risks. Therefore, presenting them with an application idea that has a lot of potential could result in big funding! But who do you go to for venture capitalism advice? We’ve curated a list of the 5 best venture capitalist firms in Australia. 

1. H2

H2 Ventures was founded in 2011 and acts primarily as an early-stage VC firm. As of 2019, it has already invested in over 52 projects. H2 aims to reinvent the financial services sector by creating a unique environment for entrepreneurs. As a result, they attract some of the best start-ups.

One of their most significant projects was Spriggy and has been featured on Channel 7, the Today Show and the Sydney Morning Herald. They collaborate with key brands. These brands include Disney with product designs based on major intellectual property. Spriggy is designed to help young children aged 8 to 18 learn about finances in a real-world applied situation.

2. Reinventure

A young venture capital firm, Reinventure has a $150 million fund strengthened by a corporate partnership with Westpac Banking Corporation. They are open to investment in all stages from seed to series A rounds. They’re up for the right entrepreneur and the right idea.

One of the most successful ventures is Hmlet, a Singapore-based startup that manages co-living spaces across the APAC region of Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan. It works with property developers and transform buildings into dynamic, community-focused accommodation for global citizens.

Another noteworthy project is Fillr, an intelligent autofill technology that improves mobile checkouts through a mapping engine, algorithms and machine learning. One can transact instantly on any app or website using Fillr’s autofill link without having to type in keystrokes.

3. Square Peg Capital

Square Peg Capital is focused on investing in Series A and Series B rounds in Australia, Israel and Southeast Asia. With a $340 million fund, Square Peg Capital is the largest Australian VC fund at the moment. They partner with passionate entrepreneurs who are uniquely solving big problems.

Having had a company exit, two IPOs and Airwallex (one of its portfolio companies, becoming a unicorn, Square Peg Capital is one of the hottest VC firms for technology entrepreneurs.

One of their projects you might be familiar with Fiverr. Fiverr is the world’s leading marketplace that connects freelancers of any skills such as graphic design, voice-over, accounting etc. with businesses. With a distinctive service-as-a-product model, Fiverr has successfully transformed the traditional freelancing model and is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Athena Home Loan is another business helping Australians save money on their home loans. This fintech platform has a mission to offer enormous savings to Australian borrowers thus helping them pay off their home loan quicker. Their digital platform allows borrowers to refinance their loan to a lower rate superfund backed loans.

4. AirTree

An active investor in Australia and New Zealand, AirTree is a VC firm that focuses on technology entrepreneurs with big and bold ideas. They are very hands-on and go beyond investing by helping recruit talent, offering mentorship, advocating for policy change, facilitating connections and strategizing for long-term growth.

Most of us would have used or heard of Canva, which is AirTree’s most successful venture to date. A simple graphic-design tool with a drag and drop format, Canva opens the world of designing to beginners and professionals alike.

5. Southern Cross Venture Partners

SXVP Launched by veteran Venture Capitalists, Southern Cross Venture Partners are focused on  supporting promising ideas with global potential. The investment is focused on technology, energy and resources at the seed, early and growth stages.

SXVP’s portfolio includes Mojo, an energy-startup helping Australians reduce dependence their on the grid and benefit from your own cleaner and cheaper electricity. Using smart metering technology and solar power, they analyse usage data to bring efficiency and reduce power bills.

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