Our last blog post listed 5 Venture Capitalist Firms in Australia. There are so many venture capital firms in Australia. Therefore, we’ve decided to continue this list and identify 5 more venture capital firms. We wanted to make the process easy for individuals to fund their ideas. At Launchpad, we want to accelerate your ideas. Therefore, we decided point you to the best venture capital firms in Australia could assist you with that goal. Contact us you have an application idea and want some guidance on it. Alternatively, visit our portfolio to generate some application ideas.

1. GBS Venture Capital Firm

GBS Venture Capital firm were founded in 1996. They are a life science venture capital firm who invest in private and public companies at any stage of development.  The firm raised AUD 232 million over the past 10 years. Their areas of interest and expertise include human healthcare and biotechnology product development. One of GBS’s key projects is lvantis. Ivantis dedicates itself to improving patient treatment and enhance outcomes. In particular, through offering minimally invasive glaucoma surgical options. As a result of Ivantis’ success, GBS has become one of the leading life science VC firms.

2. Rampersand

Rampersand is an early-stage venture capital firm that offers various services. This includes mentorship, strategy and product planning. Their portfolio includes startups in cybersecurity, augmented reality and FinTech. Rampersand is making a mark in the local startup scene with investments in Expert 360 and Mentorloop. Therefore, they stand to be one of the best tech venture capitalist firms in Australia.

Expert 360 is a freelance marketplace and management platform. Expert 360 helps thousands of businesses find skilled freelancers and talent for flexible and on-demand work. In addition to Expert 360, Tiger Pistol is an emerging social advertising platform. It is used by brands, resellers, and agencies globally. Their innovation-led automation helps businesses achieve measurable business impact at scale.

3. Trimantium Capital

Trimantium is an investment firm for ideas and startups ready for high-growth. They have a strong network of across China, South East Asia and the United States. As a result, they close an average of 1,000 deals a year. This ensures that they have their ‘pulse on the beat’. They are focused on opportunities in large markets such as financial services, education and entertainment.

One of Trimantium’s notable ventures is Twenty65 which is an early-stage investment fund committed to funding and mentoring startups led by women and people of colour. As a result, Trimantium has gained a lot of positive reaction to this project.

4. Carthona Capital

Carthona Capital is a Sydney-based venture capital that supports ideas from all sectors. It started out raising its first fund from superannuation and is focussed on early-stage funding. Therefore, they have dubbed themselves the ‘most active seed investor’. 

One of their popular ventures is Life360. Life360 is a popular real-time, location-sharing app and is the easiest way to connect with family and friends. It includes features like crash detection, help alert, chat, check-in history. As a result, they made a great application to check in on your family.

Credible is a web-based marketplace. Credible’s key feature is directing borrows to personalised loan offers from various lenders in real-time. Credible is now a public company as the result of a successful IPO in 2017. They raised $50 million.

5. BridgeLane

BridgeLane is a privately-held asset management company. They focus on the agricultural, real estate and innovation sectors. In addition, BridgeLane also has a foothold in residential property development, venture capital and business incubation. In other words, they are willing to invest in any industry as long as it can be successful.

BridgeLane is a proud investor of Airtasker. It is a community marketplace and app for Australians. Airtasker allows users to outsource everyday tasks. Tasks include furniture assembly, cleaning, cooking and food delivery. As a result, Airtasker enables Australians to get their tasks completed at their chosen price.

Check out our other blog 5 Venture Capitalist Firms in Australia if you’ve haven’t read it yet. It will provide any Australian entrepreneur the ability to find a venture capitalist firm that suits their needs.

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