App innovation and opportunity with the iPhone X.

What do Instagram and Snapchat have in common?


They are apps that only exists because of developments in mobile technology. Just by adding a camera to a mobile phone. So what does the iPhone X change?


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Apple has just held their annual keynote event. During which, they announced 3 new iPhones, a new Apple smartwatch and Apple TV. But today, I’m going to talk about the iPhone X. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, it’s “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”. So I’m going to talk about its features and what you can hope to see coming on the app store.

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New Screen Applications


The iPhone X boasts Apple’s super retina display. A 1125×2436 OLED screen with HDR10 and Dolby Vision for video. These improvements to the screen and video display could mean more developers start creating iPhone Virtual Reality games and applications.

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Virtual Reality Applications


Compared to the HTC Vive, which is solely a virtual reality headset. It has 2 similar size OLED screens. One screen for each eye. The iPhone holds up in comparison. Which means that VR can be used without VR sickness, as low resolution and screen density causes VR sickness. Which unfortunately a lot of other phones have. Just imagine the games and apps you love on the app store. All turned into virtual reality. Could you see yourself using this?


However, if Virtual Reality is a bit too much. What about Augmented Reality?

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Augmented Reality Applications


The new TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X can track more than ever. Along with the Apple ARKit, an Augmented Reality Framework. Which uses Visual Inertial Odometry to track the world around it. This means it can detect lighting in the room. Then match the augmented object to it. It can also find horizontal planes in the room.


If you’re confused as to what this means, remember Pokemon GO?

For the Pokemon to appear if they are on the ground, that is horizontal plane detection. Which will be improved, thanks to the Apple ARKit and the new camera.


Along with that, the Facial Recognition has new application features. The Facial Recognition technology will be used to unlock the phone.  But it will also be used for much more. Like the Apple Animoji, which is a new way to use emojis. Using face-mapping, the face you pull will change the emoji. Similar to the Snapchat app.

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New Camera Applications


If you aren’t interested in augmenting or changing your reality. There is more that can be done with the camera. The new camera offers 4K video recording capability. And 240 frames per second slow motion recording. It will increase the quality of the video being produced. Which will bring video editing apps. Video editing on mobile can be quite power demanding. This likely won’t be a problem to the new six-core A11 processor.


You can now take slow-mo videos of your food! Welcome to the future.

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Internet of Things Applications


If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things, I’d recommend reading our blog. The changes in the iPhone increase Apple’s depth in the IoT.  Apple already has a few IoT applications. Like connections to the Apple watch and Apple TV. As well as the ability to pay with your iPhone using Apple pay.


However, new to this iPhone is wireless charging. This technology allows wireless charging on tables everywhere. Imagine if you had a charger built into your desk at work. Your phone would never go flat again. Or you’re at a cafe and your phone goes flat. You can just charge your phone right there. No need for a cable or to plug anything in.


What are you most looking forward to from the iPhone X?


Will you buy one?


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Amazons Internet Jungle

Amazon has a complex internet “jungle”. Curious to explore it?

Amazon and their Internet of Things.

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Amazon is one of the biggest players in the IoT. This is because Amazon is creating devices, platforms and ways to connect. Amazon seems like they aren’t going to miss a beat on the IoT. If you are unsure what the Internet of Things is, please check out our other blog.


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Amazon Echo

Let’s start with Amazon devices that you can buy today. Devices like Amazon’s Echo device. Amazon’s Echo device is a home assistant. I have no doubt you’ve heard of these home assistants. Google has one and Apple is working on one. These devices listen for your voice. So, whenever you say something, it listens and responds accordingly.


Much like Apple’s assistant Siri, Amazon named their assistant, Alexa.  You can ask Alexa anything. Well, almost anything. Alexa can answer your questions through the Google search engine. She can read you news, books and information like the weather. She can play music on request, message or call through your phone. Amazon’s Alexa can connect to all your smart devices, like your TV and lights. It’d be as simple as saying “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights”. Or “Alexa, open the pod bay doors”.  Very futuristic.


Amazon has partnered with businesses to take this even further! Through Alexa, you can order a pizza or an Uber. However, the Echo’s reach is limited. Amazon has realised this and has released the Echo Dot. The Echo Dot adds the Echo to whatever room it is in. So, walking around the house, Alexa can help.


Additionally, Amazon released Echo devices with cameras. To be used for videos calls and more. Like being used get a visual representation of your requests. For example, “what does ‘X’ look like?”. The newest Echo device was created just for Fashion. It was made to take daily photos of what you’re wearing. With those photos, it rates the outfit for you.

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Amazon IoT Platform


Amazon connects all these products and services using their IoT platform. According to Amazon, it can support billions of devices. And from those devices, trillions of messages!


The messages come from your devices and go to the cloud, then to a connected device. The messages are like signals, or instructions. Messages like button presses from the Amazon Dash. Or messages from the Echo telling your lights to turn on. These messages are sent safely and securely. Stopping people from hacking into your home!


Think of what an IoT hacker could do, control your lights, fans and order you food!


Personally, I think this sounds like a great way to live more efficiently. Just don’t let Alexa know you’re going to disconnect her.

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Amazon Dash


The next Amazon device is the already mentioned Amazon Dash. The Amazon Dash is a button when pressed fulfils an order. It’s as simple as that.  You press a button and it’s added to your shopping list and sent to you.  

This could be dangerous for animals and children, so I’d keep this out of reach. As it could be pressed out of curiosity or accident. It’d be a dream to have an unlimited chocolate button as a kid. So maybe keep the Amazon Dash to boring stuff. Or don’t, whatever, it’s your money.


What’s cool about the Amazon Dash, is that you can buy pre-made ones. Buttons that are made for a certain product. But you can also create programmable Dash devices. You can place buttons around your home that serves a certain purpose. For example, a button to call or alert someone. A button to order a service like a standard pizza order. A button to turn something on or off, like a light. Revolutionary!

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Amazon Connections


As the IoT grows, it will need connections beyond WiFi. This is because WiFi has a limited range. Amazon is reportedly partnering with the Dish network. The aim of the partnership is to create a 5G network. This network will connect anything and everything.  The network gives Amazon drones the ability to go anywhere in the network’s range. Potentially littering the sky with drones.

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Do any of these devices interest you? Or do you already own one or more?


Have you got an app idea that can integrate into the IoT?


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